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Edward Paul Ferber passed away at the early age of 63 on 1/24/2020 in Tampa, Florida.  Ed was a true explorer at heart.  At a young age he was very active in Boy Scouts, playing brass instruments, and singing in various glee clubs. These passions continued as an adult through his enjoyment of hiking, the great outdoors, and listening to various music styles. Between his adventures, Ed spent his time playing tennis, making lasting memories with friends and loved ones, as well as connecting with water – whether boating or relaxing in the warm beach sand. His zest for life was contagious in his big laugh, supportive words, and strong hugs. Ed’s love of nature and sense of adventure lives on through his two brothers, Bill Ferber (67) and Dave Ferber (57), daughters, Emily Ferber-Smith (32) and Kerry Ferber (29), and his grandson, Rowan Smith (1). In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation in his honor to the Zion Forever Project or Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge. A celebration of life is being planned to share memories and laughs. Please feel free to share fond memories or pictures with us by emailing

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