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Quality and Affordable Cremation Services

Cremations of Greater Tampa Bay provides a variety of goods and services for our customers.  Our affordable cremation services include: Florida Direct Cremation, Cremation Memorial Service, and Viewing/ Visitation Cremation. Because you may choose only the items you desire, there is bound to be an affordable choice that fulfills the wishes of your loved one.  All arrangements include a charge for our basic services and overhead, as described below.  Certain legal or other requirements sometimes require specific service items.  We will explain the reason for these additional items in writing on the statement we provide describing funeral goods and services.

Listed prices on this website and in our brochures are subject to change without notice. Please also note there may be additional charges for extra expenses and special request items not listed, such as newspaper notices, flowers, outside expenses, etc. Contact Cremations of Greater Tampa Bay for your customized estimate.

All Inclusive

Direct Cremation $900

Our charge for a direct cremation includes: basic services of funeral director and staff; a proportionate share of overhead costs; removal of remains; transportation to crematory; refrigeration; alternative container; cremation process; necessary authorizations, permits, cremation container, notifying social security and the medical examiner fee.

Note: There is an additional charge for cremations of the following: individuals 250-400 pounds have a $300 added cost; and individuals 400 pounds and up have a $400 added cost.

Cremation Memorial Service $1,900.00

Includes everything in the Direct Cremation Package plus use of the chapel for 2 hours. ($100.00 per additional hour) and:
- Registry Book
- 50 Laminated Prayer Cards
- 25-30 Photo Memorial Video
- Cherrywood Urn

Viewing/Visitation Service with Cremation $2,900

Includes everything in the Direct Cremation Package and the Cremation Memorial Service plus embalming, dressing, cosmetics, and rental casket.

Viewing/Visitation Service with Burial $3,500

Includes everything in the previous packages plus transfer from funeral home/church to cemetery.
**DOES NOT include casket.**

ID View

ID VIEW (Regular) $400.00
ID VIEW (from the Medical Examiner) $500.00
Witness Cremation with No ID View $ 300.00 (There is an additional charge for cremations of individuals weighing:
A. 250 lb. to 400 lb. $300;
B. 400 lb. and up $400)

Ship Out/Removal from State $2,000

Includes embalming, transportation, and shipping container.
**DOES NOT include air fare or casket.**

Breakdown of Cremation Services


Our services include: conducting the arrangement conference; consulting with family; shelter of remains; preparing and filing necessary notices; obtaining necessary authorizations and permits; and coordinating with the crematory or other third parties. In addition, this fee includes a proportionate share of our basic overhead costs. This fee does not include any charges by newspapers or other publications for any requested notices we place for you. **This fee is already included in our direct cremation and service packages. **


Embalming is not required for direct cremations. It is our policy to require refrigeration of an unembalmed body in accordance with Florida State Statutes.

Refrigeration – After 14 days: $25.00 PER DAY


Transfer of remains from place of death to crematory (within 35 mile radius). Additional distance will be charged at $3.00 per mile. $250

Transfer of cremated remains from crematory to site for autopsy or other procedure and return to crematory (within 35 mile radius). Additional distance will be charged at $3.00 per mile. $350

Additional Frequently Requested Items
But Not Required

URNS in Inventory: $50-$350

– Transfer of remains from place of death to crematory (within 35 mile radius): $225
*Additional distance will be charge at $3.00 per mile.

– Transfer if remains from crematory to site for autopsy or other procedure and return to crematory (within 35 mile radius): $350
*Additional distance will be charged at $3.00 per mile.

Embalming, Dressing, and Cosmetics: $800

-Box Set Memorial Package: $115 to $125
-Registry Book: $50
-Service Folders: 50 for $50
-Prayer Cards with Lamination: $2.00 each
-Mailing of cremains via USPS Express Mail (domestic only): $250
*Includes approved mailing container*
-Scattering of cremains in Gulf of Mexico by our establishment: $200
-Expedite Fee (if specific completion time required – not guaranteed): $125
-Assignment Fee (assignment of insurance policy proceeds, etc.): $500

—–Death Certificates are $15 per copy through me, $10 per copy at Vital Statistics Office

What Our Families Say

T.J., I just want to tell you that the services you provided to my family and me could not have been more honest and soothing. You were true to your word about everything and never rushed me or influenced me to do any more than what I needed. It was honestly the easiest part of the decisions I had to make on an unexpected death in a foreign city while I only had a few days in Tampa. I hope there is some way you can relay this on your website as I thank you deeply for your professionalism and commitment.

Becky Williams

Tj is so nice and caring! He helped walk me thru the whole process and made it so I understood everything! Im very thankful there is someone like him in this business.

Nikki FarmerFacebook Reviews

The loss if a loved one us never easy. It is even harder to pick up the pieces and complete the tough situations. TJ was calm, collected and professional, when I was none of these due to grief. The cost was affordable compared to thousands of dollars at a funeral home. I highly recommend this company.

Robin Sloman DollmanFacebook Reviews
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