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Elsie Kristine Nodland Dryden passed away at 91 years of age went to be with her Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ on 5/20/2023 in Tampa, Florida.  She loved classical music, reading, good wit and humor that frequently brought out her hearty laughter.  She was born May 17, 1932, in Brooklyn, NY at the Norwegian Lutheran Hospital. She was the daughter of Johanna and Karl Nodland. She grew up in Bellmore, Long Island, NY, and after graduating Mepham H.S., she was a model and performed in several Broadway and off-Broadway shows in New York City.  She moved to Tampa, Florida in 1954. In addition to being a wife and mother, she modeled for Maas Brothers in Tampa.

Kristine was preceded in death by her husband; Donald Hugh Dryden, her parents, her sisters; Dorothy Harmeling (John), Ruth Topham (Rick) and Sonja Kreuscher (Ed), her brothers; Stanley, Norman and Karl (Nancy), her children; Glenn Biddle (Shirley), Karen Kristine Dryden.  She is survived by her twin daughters, Kyle Johanna Roberts (Bill) and Kim Victoria Dryden (Joel Smith).  Her stepdaughter Donna Lee Dryden Clifford.  Her brother Eric (Joyce) and Grandchildren Matthew Biddle, Kristine Biddle, Sabrina Biddle, Jacob Dryden-Jaffe, Jonathan Dryden-Jaffe and several great grandchildren and many nieces and nephews.

A memorial service will be announced at a later date.


  • Kyle Roberts
    Posted May 23, 2023 at 10:12 am

    I loved my mother deeply. She introduced me to classical music, how to be a lady, a love for beauty in life and people, and how to laugh even through the hard times. We both shared our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and loved reading the Bible. I’m thankful she is in heaven where there are no more tears & a joy unspeakable! We sang many hymns together even up until a week before she went to heaven! Praising God for that gift! Love eternally, Kyle

  • Victoria Dryden
    Posted May 26, 2023 at 10:55 am

    My mother was a lover of the arts and she introduced music, dance, theater and design to us just through her love of them. I am forever grateful as I have spent my life in those worlds. Kristine was a reader and avid learner. Many of my fond memories are of her sitting and reading peacefully with classical music in the background. Her inner life was private and I know she had a rich one.
    Her love for us, her children and her grandchildren, always showed on her face with a soft smile and joy in her beautiful eyes. And, she is deeply loved by all of us.
    Rest in peace, dear Mudder and Grammy.
    Kim Victoria

  • Beverly Plimpton
    Posted May 26, 2023 at 8:11 pm

    I had the opportunity over the last several years to visit with Kristine we would speak of Norway and foods we liked and enjoyed and cats and family she loved to talk about her family her daughters were her joy ! Sometimes we would speak of our reading in the bible and how we saw the Lords care in our lives ! She loved beauty and I would always smile when she told me how nice I looked ! She was a friend and I will miss those times with her !

  • Eric and Joyce Nodland
    Posted June 10, 2023 at 10:34 am

    ERIC’S COMMENT: My sister Kris was the second oldest of 8 children and I was the youngest. On the day of my birth Kris would have been 14 years old and when the doctor stopped by to check on Mom on his way to play golf, Mom and Kris told him not to worry, they could handle things at home. And handle things they did– I came earlier than expected that day and Kris acted as midwife bringing me into the world.
    Some of my earliest memories of Kris came from photos in the house–especially the one of her as a dancer in a black hat. With her beauty and personality she was by then out on her own living an exciting life.
    Years later when I was a rebellious teenager, unable to get along with my father, I had been living with my brother Stanley who was our eldest sibling, 2 years older than Kris. When Stanley got transferred and unable to take me along, he and I called Kris to ask if she would accept me into her home. She welcomed me with open arms and the year I spent with her and the children are some of the happiest memories in my life.

    JOYCE’S COMMENTS: I first met Kristine 45 years ago when Eric and I got married. She was immediately warm to me, this new addition to the Nodland clan. Throughout the ensuing years Kristine was a fixture in the many gatherings, weddings, anniversaries etc. that take place with such a large family. Her dry sense of humor was always a pleasure because she was never unkind to anyone. In later years when Kristine lived with Kyle and Bill, Eric and I were able to see more of her and thankfully, almost up to the end, she was alert and still had that wonderful sense of humor. Eric and I both are so grateful that Kristine was a part of our lives.

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