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cremation costs

Cremation has become the preferred method of disposition for many individuals in the Tampa Bay area. Cremations costs are much more affordable for many families while providing a level of flexibility in the funeral planning process. A direct cremation service is the most budget-friendly cremation option currently available and all funeral homes are required by Federal Law, to include direct cremation as a service offered.

But even with a direct cremation service, many of the traditional services are still possible. Here’s our cremations costs breakdown and what you can expect with each plan.

Breakdown of Cremations Costs

Any cremation service requires essential services of a funeral director, staff, and certain overhead costs that are included in all of our direct cremation and services packages. This fee totals $450 and includes conducting the arrangement conference, consulting with family members about the cremation service, sheltering the remains, preparing and filing all necessary notices, obtaining necessary authorizations and permits, and coordinating with the crematory or any third parties involved in the process. 

In addition, this fee includes a proportionate share of our basic overhead costs for rendering these services and maintaining our facility.

The crematory fee for the cremation process is $300. Although embalming is not required for a direct cremation service, it is our policy to require refrigeration of an unembalmed body in accordance with Florida State Statutes. The cost for refrigeration for up to 10 days is $100 and an additional $25 per day after a 14-day period. 

Depending on the service rendered, transportation costs apply. The transfer of remains from the place of death to the crematory totals $250 and an additional $3.00 per mile if exceeding a 35-mile radius. The transfer of cremated remains from the crematory to the site for an autopsy or other procedure and return to the crematory totals $350 and an additional $3.00 per mile if exceeding a 35-mile radius. 

Additional Available Services

Aside from all necessary services required for cremation services, we offer additional services and items frequently requested by others. This includes Urns and Caskets. Although you have the legal right to provide your own container for the cremation or burial process, we have a selection of urns ranging in price from $50-$350 and caskets ranging in price from $1,160 – $7,150. 

Embaling, dressing, and cosmetic services rendered with packages that include viewing/visitation total $800.

Please visit our Services page for all other items and additional services we make available.  

Cremation Plans

All Inclusive Direct Cremation

The total cost of an all-inclusive direct cremation service is a flat $975. This is the most straightforward service available which includes all the essential services of the funeral director and staff, overhead costs, removal of remains, transportation to the crematory, refrigeration, containers for the remains, the cremation process, and all the necessary documentation and medical examiner fees. An additional charge applies for the cremation of individuals who are over 250 pounds. 

Cremation Memorial Service

This plan includes the direct cremation and all the costs entailed with it as well as a memorial service. You can expect to pay $1,975 for this plan. This plan includes the use of the chapel for 2 hours. If you need more time, each additional hour is available for $100 per hour. 

We will also provide a registry book, 50 laminated prayer cards, a memorial video of 25-30 photos, and a cherrywood urn.

Viewing/Visitation Service with Cremation or Burial

A viewing/visitation service with cremation is a cremation service that most closely resembles a traditional funeral service. It includes the costs of a direct cremation, as well as embalming, dressing, cosmetics, and a rental casket so that the body may be present during the memorial service. The cost for this plan is $2,975.

If you wish to have the remains buried, we will transport the remains from the funeral home or church to the cemetery for a burial service. The cost for this plan comes to $3,975 excluding the cost of a casket for the burial.

Arranging a cremation and funeral service is a difficult and emotionally overwhelming endeavor. Here at Cremations of Greater Tampa Bay we combine valuable experience with compassion and personalized service to promote peace of mind for those dealing with the death of a family member or friend. Contact us for a consultation on cremations costs and options at (813) 957-2669.

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Florida law states “A cremation may not be performed until a legally authorized person gives written authorization for such cremation,” (FS 497.607).  Furthermore, the law defines whom the “legally authorized person” is and sets up the order of priority of next of kin. We require a written authorization before scheduling any cremation or funeral services. The “Authorization for Cremation and Disposition” form must be signed by the next of kin in the following order: spouse, son or daughter (of legal age), parent, brother or sister, grandchild, grandparent.

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