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cremation only no service

The simple answer is – yes. It’s possible to have a cremation only no service, ceremony, embalming, viewing, or visitation, and all the costs associated with it. This is what’s known as a Direct Cremation Service. This is the least expensive cremation option and can usually be performed for under $1,000. The body is cremated shortly after death and you can proceed with the cremation service directly through the crematory, rather than a funeral home which can potentially save you a significant amount of money. The body is usually cremated in a simple container rather than an expensive casket and the remains are returned to the family after the cremation is completed.

Cremation Service Options

Cremation services in general offer much more flexibility and there are different cremation services to choose from. These include a traditional viewing/visitation cremation service which is a traditional funeral service visitation or wake, followed by the cremation process. This makes a traditional cremation service most similar to a traditional burial since the body is present during the ceremony, wake, and visitation. There is also a cremation memorial service which, just like traditional cremation includes a funeral service, but without the body present and direct cremation – a cremation conducted with no ceremony, embalming, viewing, or visitation. With Direct Cremation you can omit the funeral service altogether or opt to have it at a later time, anywhere you would like. 

What’s included with Cremation only and no service

When shopping around for a cremation service, you’ll likely notice that funeral homes will offer specific plans that include certain services. Many of these come with a long list of services as well as a hefty price tag. While you might be encouraged to opt for one of these options, you should know that funeral homes are required to include direct cremation as one of their available services, even if they don’t openly advertise this. At Direct Cremations of Greater Tampa Bay, our direct cremation service includes removal of cremated remains, transportation, refrigeration, necessary authorizations and permits, the cremation container, notifying the Social Security Administration, and the Medical Examiner Fees.

During the cremation, the body may be contained in a casket however the funeral home is required by federal law to have an alternative container available for you. These alternative containers may be made of pressboard, wood, or a sturdy cardboard casket. It is your right to use your own urn if you do not wish to purchase one from the funeral home. 

While cremation services remain largely unsupervised in the state of Florida, there are some laws and regulations that must be followed to be able to legally proceed with the cremation process. Whether you’re pre-planning a cremation service or dealing with the loss of a loved one, we make ourselves available 24/7 to guide the families we work with using the highest level of ethics, competence, and compassion, providing personalized and professional cremation services in a comfortable environment at an affordable cost. Contact us today with any questions you may have.

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Florida law states “A cremation may not be performed until a legally authorized person gives written authorization for such cremation,” (FS 497.607).  Furthermore, the law defines whom the “legally authorized person” is and sets up the order of priority of next of kin. We require a written authorization before scheduling any cremation or funeral services. The “Authorization for Cremation and Disposition” form must be signed by the next of kin in the following order: spouse, son or daughter (of legal age), parent, brother or sister, grandchild, grandparent.

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